In an ongoing effort to preserve a safe and well-maintained community, the Arbor Greene CDD will begin sidewalk repairs throughout the community, weather permitting, during the period beginning March 30, through May 31, 2017.  The areas that will be repaired or replaced are marked with either a white or red marking on the sidewalk. This work is necessary to ensure the raised portions of the sidewalks do not present a safety hazard for pedestrians.

If sidewalk repairs are completed adjacent to your property, we are requesting the following from each resident or homeowner:

  1. Keep children away from the worksite.
  2. Do not park cars near the sidewalks or on the street.  Please try to park cars in your garage as dust and debris will be present from grinding and the removal/replacement.
  3. Do not write/mark, walk or ride bikes, etc. in the new cement.
  4. Do not use your irrigation system the night following the repairs.
  5. After the cement has hardened, and within 30 days of work completion, turn on your irrigation system to ensure it is working properly and there are no leaks adjacent to the worksite. Please report the same regarding cable TV, internet and phone lines.
  6. Contact the CDD Maintenance Coordinator at 813-991-9226, ext. 5, or email with any concerns or issues pertaining to the sidewalk repairs.

Our contractors are required to follow these guidelines during the repairs:

  1. Stake off the worksite with caution tape.
  2. Portions of sidewalk that have been removed or formed are not to be left over the weekend.
  3. Postpone work if there are vehicles parked in the area or there is a safety hazard. Also, do so if there are high winds causing dust or debris to exit the worksite.
  4. Remove wood forms, stakes, debris, etc. from the worksite.
  5. Clean the worksite and replace damaged sod.
  6. Repair any broken or damaged irrigation system lines or sprinklers adjacent to or under the sidewalks being replaced during a 30-day period following the repairs.

Any damage to resident irrigation systems must be reported to the CDD at the e-mail address or telephone number above within 30 days of work completion. Necessary repairs not reported within the 30-day timeframe become the responsibility of the individual homeowner and/or resident.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these repairs.