Hillsborough County has provided the information below on their website http://hcflgov.net/en/newsroom/2017/09/19/residential-yard-debris-collection-for-hurricane-irma regarding the collection of yard debris.

Collection trucks will be working systematically throughout unincorporated Hillsborough County neighborhoods to collect vegetative yard debris related to Hurricane Irma. Storm debris is being collected by a special contractor and not as part of routine weekly yard waste collections. Trucks may have to make several passes over the next few weeks (we have heard up to 6 weeks) due to the extent of storm damage and to ensure the removal of all yard debris put out by residents.

Make sure you follow these rules to ensure your debris is collected and that you do not contribute to the potential blockage of storm drains, which could cause unnecessary flooding:
•Do not place debris in the roadway or on top of storm drains.
•All debris must be placed at the curb in the public right-of-way/easement (not in the road or gutter, but in the verge).
•Place vegetative debris away from mailboxes, water meters, street signs, light poles, and fire hydrants to allow room for heavy machinery to pick up debris.
•Do not mix household waste, bulk waste, or recyclables with storm debris.
•Do not bag vegetative storm debris or place in a container. Bagged debris will be picked up. However, it may not occur during the first collection cycle.

Residents can also take yard debris to the County’s three yard waste collection sites listed below, Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Residents must show a valid Florida driver’s license to receive free yard waste disposal.
•Falkenburg Road – 346 N. Falkenburg Road, Tampa 33619
•Northwest County – 8001 W. Linebaugh Ave., Tampa 33625
•South County – 13000 U.S. Highway 41, Gibsonton 33534

Hillsborough County residents can drop off non-vegetative storm debris at any of the County’s Community Collection Centers. In order to receive free disposal, residents must show a valid photo ID displaying the residential address of the property owner and a copy of their annual Hillsborough County Property Tax Bill.

For more information on County collections and disposal options, call Hillsborough County Solid Waste at (813) 272-5680.

No Open Burning
Residents are reminded that open burning of residential yard waste and household garbage or trash without a permit from the Fire Marshal’s Office is prohibited in Hillsborough County.

Street Sweeping
Arbor Greene is tentatively scheduled for street sweeping on Wednesday, September 27th.  Please assist the street sweepers by removing yard debris from the roads and gutters and following the guidelines above.  If you have piles of leaves/branches in the road and gutter, they will drive around these areas as they do not collect debris of this nature.