Tennis Court Reservations, Use, and Identification Requirements

You will find the requirements for tennis court use and bookings below.  Moving forward, we ask that you place your Arbor Greene issued Access Control Card (may be purchased for $5 at the Community Center), or other valid proof of residency (driver’s license) on the board at the entrance to the court you booked.  This will allow for the Club Attendants to quickly verify court use without having to interrupt play.  If there is no identification placed on the gate, the attendants will ask for identification while you are on the court  Thank you for your assistance in this matter as it will promote proper court use and availability.  If you have any questions or concerns, please see Jason or Noah in the CDD Community Center Offices.

Court reservations may be made by residents and non-resident members using the online system linked to the Arbor Greene website,  Reservations may be made in advance for up to three (3) days and only one (1) online reservation can be made per day.  There shall be no same-day reservations online.  Users desiring to play the same day must physically enter their name on the schedule posted at the bulletin board at court number 1.  Reservations may be made for a 90-minute period of playing time.

There at all times shall be two “Walk-On Courts of Opportunity” available for walk-on play only.  Users may sign up for a maximum of 90-minute blocks of play at the court at the time they intend to use one of the courts of opportunity.  You may not sign up for a court of opportunity more than 30-minutes prior to intended court use.

Usage of the tennis courts shall be subject to the following rules:

a.       Proper tennis shoes on all courts.

b.       Shirts must be worn at all times.

c.       Cutoff shorts are not permitted.

d.       Sports bras must be covered by tops.

e.       Glass containers are not permitted in the tennis court areas.

f.       When the courts are filled, users must limit playing time to 90 minutes.  Residents are only permitted to book one (1) 90-minute slot per day online.  A sign-up sheet is located on the tennis court bulletin board for users to sign up for court usage if a reservation has not been made.

g.       No profanity or boisterous behavior.

h.       Guests without a guest pass must be accompanied by an adult resident, or nonresident member when using the facilities. All residents and nonresident members must have an AGCDD-issued access control card or other proper identification and proof of residency as set out in this manual.

i.        Residents and nonresident members are authorized up to three guests at any one time per household or membership.

j.        Players under 14 years of age must be accompanied at all times by an adult player with an AGCDD-issued access control card or other proper identification showing proof of residency as set out in this manual.

k.       Bicycles, motorized vehicles, skates, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, or wheeled vehicles (except strollers), and animals or pets (except service animals) are not permitted in the tennis court areas.  Tennis Courts are intended for the exclusive use of tennis play.  Any other activities are subject to approval by the Community Manager or AGCCD Board of Supervisors.