Resident ID Tags
Resident ID tags are required in order to use the Community Center facilities. A photo ID with an Arbor Greene address is required to obtain an ID tag. Guest Passes can also be obtained in the Community Center.

An Arbor Greene issued ID tag is required to be in the possession of all residents using the Community Center facilities including the aerobics room, fitness and weight rooms, swimming pools and tennis courts. The only valid ID tag is a white tag with “Arbor the front and a number on the back of the tag.

Each resident 14 years of age or older is required to have their own individual tag with them when using the Community Center facilities. Please remember to bring your ID tag with you. There is a $5 fee for replacing lost ID tags.

Main Gate Automobile Bar Code Stickers
Arbor Greene residents and nonresident members can get main gate access bar code stickers placed on their automobile at the Community Center. Residents cannot place the stickers on the car themselves and it must not be raining at time of application. Bar codes on permitted.

To purchase a barcode, proof of identity (government-issued photo identification), proof of residency, and vehicle registration are required, along with a $7 fee.  Any resident living in a leased home must present a copy of a current, compliant lease along with proof of residency.